8 of the Venomous Snakes in the United States

By Manish

1. Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake 

Big snake with diamond shapes on its back and a rattling sound.

2. Western Diamondback Rattlesnake 

Lives in the southwest, has diamond shapes on its back and a big head.

3. Copperhead 

Found in the east and central areas, has a copper-colored head and hourglass-like markings.

4. Cottonmouth 

Also known as water moccasin, lives in the southeast, dark-colored with a white mouth.

5. Eastern Coral Snake 

Southeastern U.S., colorful with red, yellow, and black bands, very venomous.

6. Timber Rattlesnake 

Lives in eastern forests, has a rattling tail.

7. Mojave Rattlesnake 

Found in southwest deserts, venom can be harmful.

8. Coral Snake 

Various types in the southern U.S., have red, yellow, and black bands, highly venomous.