Top 8 Most Aggressive Animals In The World

By Manish

1. Saltwater Crocodile

This big crocodile has the strongest bite ever measured in any animal, around 3,700 pounds per square inch (psi).

2. Nile Crocodile 

Like the saltwater one, the Nile crocodile has a really strong bite, about 5,000 psi.

3. American Alligator 

Another big predator, the American alligator has a bite force of around 2,125 psi, making it one of the strongest on land.

4. Hippopotamus 

Even though it eats plants, the hippo has a strong bite of about 1,800 psi, which it uses to defend itself.

5. Great White Shark 

This famous shark has a bite force of about 1,800 psi, helping it tear through prey easily.

6. Siberian Tiger 

Among the big cats, the Siberian tiger has the strongest bite, around 1,000 psi, helping it catch big prey.

7. Polar Bear 

The biggest land carnivore, the polar bear has a strong bite of about 1,200 psi, important for hunting in the Arctic.