Top 10 World's Highest Flying Birds

By Manish

1. Rüppell's Griffon Vulture

Flies up to 37,000 feet. Lives in Africa.

2. Common Crane

Flies up to 33,000 feet. Found in Europe and Asia.

3. Bar-headed Goose

Flies up to 29,000 feet over the Himalayas.

4. Whooper Swan

Flies up to 27,000 feet. Lives in Eurasia

5. Alpine Chough

Flies up to 26,500 feet in high mountains of Europe and Asia.

6. Bearded Vulture

Also called Lammergeier, flies up to 24,000 feet. Found in mountains in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

7. Andean Condor

Flies up to 21,300 feet in the Andes mountains.

8. Mallard

A duck that flies up to 21,000 feet, especially when migrating.

9. Bar-tailed Godwit

A shorebird that flies up to 20,000 feet during migrations.

10. White Stork

Flies up to 16,000 feet. Found in Europe, Africa, and Asia.