Top 10 Strongest Animal in the World

By Manish

1. Elephant 

Elephants are super strong and can carry heavy stuff because they're really big.

2. Gorilla 

Gorillas have strong arms and can climb trees and move things around easily.

3. Grizzly Bear 

Grizzly bears are really strong and have powerful jaws.

4. Tiger 

Tigers are fast and strong, and they can hunt animals much bigger than themselves.

5. Ox 

Oxen are used to pull heavy things like plows because they're really strong.

6. Rhinoceros 

Rhinos are big and fast, and they have a strong horn for protection.

7. Hippopotamus 

Hippos look calm but they're super strong and can fight off predators easily.

8. Polar Bear 

Polar bears are strong swimmers and can catch seals because they're really strong

9. African Elephant Beetle 

This beetle is tiny but super strong and can lift heavy things.

10. Leafcutter Ant 

These ants might be small, but they're incredibly strong and can carry big stuff back to their nests.