Top 10 Most Venomous Snakes in the World

By Manish

1. Inland Taipan 

This snake, also known as the "fierce snake," has the most powerful venom of all.

2. Eastern Brown Snake

Found in Australia, its bite can be deadly very quickly.

3. Coastal Taipan

A bite from this snake can be fatal within an hour if not treated.

4. Black Mamba

This fast snake from Africa is very dangerous due to its strong venom.

5. Many-Banded Krait

A small but very poisonous snake found in Asia.

6. Funnel-Web Spider

Although a spider, it is as dangerous as the most venomous snakes.

7. Blue Krait

Its venom can cause muscles to stop working and make it hard to breathe.

8. King Cobra

This is the longest venomous snake and can deliver a deadly bite.

9. Belcher's Sea Snake

Known as the most venomous, but its bites rarely harm people.

10. Saw-Scaled Viper

This snake bites many people and its venom can be deadly.