Top 10 Most Dangerous Wildlife Animals

By Manish

1. Mosquitoes 

Tiny bugs that spread deadly diseases like malaria.

2. Freshwater snails

Small snails that carry diseases which can be deadly to people.

3. Assassin bugs 

Bugs that bite and can pass on a dangerous sickness called Chagas disease.

4. Scorpions 

Small creatures with a sting that hurts a lot and can be deadly, especially if you're allergic.

5. Snakes 

Some snakes have venom that can make you very sick or even kill you.

6. Dogs 

Some dogs can spread diseases like rabies, which can be very bad for people.

7. Elephants 

Big animals that can hurt or kill people if they feel threatened.

8. Hippos 

Large animals that can be very mean, especially near water.

9. Crocodiles 

Stealthy predators with powerful jaws that can cause serious harm or death.

10. Lions 

Big cats that can be dangerous if they feel scared or angry.