Top 10 Animals with the Strongest Bite Force

By Manish

1. Saltwater Crocodile 

It has the strongest bite among animals, around 3,700 pounds per square inch (psi).

2. American Alligator 

It's like the saltwater crocodile, but its bite force is about 2,125 psi.

3. Nile Crocodile 

This crocodile is another strong biter, with a bite force of about 5,000 psi.

4. Hippopotamus 

Despite being plant-eaters, hippos have powerful jaws with a bite force of up to 1,825 psi.

5. Great White Shark 

Its bite force is around 4,000 psi, helping it tear through prey.

6. Jaguar 

Jaguars have strong bites, about 1,500 psi, allowing them to pierce skulls.

7. Hyena 

Despite their size, hyenas can bite hard, up to 1,100 psi, which helps them crush bones.

8. Grizzly Bear 

Grizzlies can bite with a force of about 1,200 psi, useful for catching prey.

9. Polar Bear 

Like grizzlies, polar bears have a bite force of around 1,200 psi.

10. Gorilla 

Even though they mainly eat plants, gorillas have a strong bite of about 1,300 psi, useful for their diet and defense.