Top 10 Animals With The Largest Horns

By Manish

1. African Buffalo 

Big curved horns, about 4 feet wide.

2. Gaur 

Huge wild cows with thick, curved horns up to 35 inches long.

3. Musk Ox

Lives in cold areas, with curved horns up to 2.6 feet long.

4. Bighorn Sheep

Iconic North American sheep with horns up to 3.3 feet long and 30 pounds heavy.

5. Water Buffalo

Large, curved horns that can be 5 feet long.

6. Watusi Cattle

African cows with super long horns, up to 8 feet long.

7. Greater Kudu

African antelope with spiral horns up to 6 feet long.

8. Markhor

Wild goats from Asia with twisty horns up to 5 feet long.

9. Addax

Desert antelope with twisted horns, about 3.3 feet long.

10. Cape Buffalo

Similar to African Buffaloes, with curved horns up to 4 feet wide.