8 of the World's Most Dangerous Birds

By Manish

1. Big Cassowary Bird

From Australia. It's strong with sharp claws. Can hurt if bothered.

2. Ostrich

World's biggest bird. Can't fly but runs fast, kicks hard, and can hurt.

3. Southern Cassowary

Similar to the big cassowary, found elsewhere. Also big and aggressive if bothered.

4. Emu

Another big Australian bird. Runs fast, sharp claws, can attack if feels threatened.

5. Great Horned Owl

Big owl from America. Has sharp claws and beak. Might attack if you disturb its babies.

6. Northern Goshawk

Big bird from Northern Hemisphere. Gets aggressive near its nest. Sharp claws and beak.

7. Snowy Owl

Lives in cold places like the Arctic. Usually not mean but might attack if nest is bothered.

8. Australian Magpie

Bird with a nice song. In Australia, might swoop during breeding to protect its nest.