Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals in USA

By Manish

1. Grizzly Bear 

Big bear from the northwest. It can be mean.

2. American Alligator 

Large lizard from the southeast. Its bite is bad.

3. Mountain Lion (Cougar) 

Wild cat from the west. It's a good hunter but avoids people.

4. Black Widow Spider 

Small black spider everywhere. Its bite hurts.

5. Rattlesnake 

Snake with a rattle. Its bite is poisonous.

6. Bull Shark 

Big shark that's everywhere. It's mean.

7. Brown Recluse Spider 

Small brown spider from the south. Its bite is serious.

8. Africanized Honey Bees 

Bees from the southwest. They sting a lot.

9. Moose 

Big deer that can get mad.

10. White-tailed Deer 

Common deer that can cause accidents.