Top 8 Most Aggressive Animals In The World

By Manish

1. Saltwater Crocodile 

Big and mean crocs found in Asia and Australia. They attack if you get too close. 

2. African Elephant 

Huge and strong elephants from Africa. They get mad when protecting their babies. 

3. Cape Buffalo 

Big buffalo in Africa. They're grumpy and dangerous, especially if hurt. 

4. Honey Badger 

Small but fierce badgers. They'll fight anyone, no matter the size. 

5. Great White Shark 

Scary sharks in the ocean. Rarely attack humans, but it's bad news if they do. 

6. Australian Box Jellyfish 

Deadly jellyfish from Australia. Their stings hurt a lot and can kill quickly. 

7. Cape Cobra 

Venomous snakes from southern Africa. They bite when they feel threatened. 

8. African Lion 

Powerful lions from Africa. They'll attack if you mess with their territory or family.