10 of the Highest Jumping Animals

By Manish

1. Fleas  

These tiny bugs can jump really far, perfect for their size. 

2. Kangaroos 

Big animals that jump really well, they're jumping fit! 

3. Grasshoppers 

Bugs with long legs that can hop high and far. 

4. Frogs 

Animals that jump in and out of water with strong legs. 

5. Cheetahs 

Fast runners and good at jumping high, too! 

6. Mountain goats 

Animals that jump from rock to rock on mountains. 

7. Springboks 

African animals that jump high when happy or scared. 

8. Hares 

Like rabbits, they jump far with powerful legs. 

9. Kangaroo rats 

Small rodents that can jump impressive distances. 

10. White-tailed deer 

Big animals that jump over obstacles easily.