8 of the Biggest Cat Breeds in the World

By Manish

1. Maine Coon  

Big cats with tufted ears and long fur, can weigh over 18 pounds. 

2. Savannah 

Tall, sleek cats, a mix of domestic and wild cats, can weigh over 25 pounds. 

3. Ragdoll 

Large, cuddly cats with blue eyes and fluffy fur, can weigh over 20 pounds. 

4. Norwegian Forest Cat 

Sturdy cats from Norway with thick fur, can weigh over 16 pounds. 

5. British Shorthair 

Muscular cats with a solid build, can weigh up to 18 pounds. 

6. Siberian 

Big cats with thick fur and strong bodies, can weigh over 20 pounds. 

7. Chausie 

Athletic cats with a wild look, can weigh over 25 pounds. 

8. Scottish Fold 

Cats with cute folded ears and round faces, can weigh up to 15 pounds.