10 Animals That Can Live After Death

By Manish

1. Immortal Jellyfish

This jellyfish can turn young again after it grows old.

2. Planarian Flatworms

These worms can grow into full animals from tiny pieces of their bodies.

3. Axolotl

These amphibians can grow back lost body parts like limbs, parts of their brain, and even some organs.

4. Hydra

These simple water creatures can grow back from tiny bits of their body, almost like they never die.

5. Starfish

If a starfish loses an arm, it can sometimes grow a whole new body from

6. Sea Cucumbers

They can throw out their organs to protect themselves and then grow them back later.

7. Lizards

Some lizards can drop their tails to escape danger and then grow new ones.

8. Spiders

Certain spiders can grow back legs they've lost.

9. Zebrafish

These small fish can fix their hearts if they get damaged.

10. Tardigrades

They can survive crazy conditions like freezing or space and come back to life later.