9 of the Worlds Deadliest Spiders

By Manish

1. Brazilian Wandering Spider

It's really aggressive and its bite can cause pain, paralysis, and sometimes death.

2. Sydney Funnel-web Spider

Found in Australia, its bite can be deadly if not treated quickly. It's known for being aggressive and its bite hurts a lot.

3. Black Widow Spider

These are found all over and their bites can cause bad pain, muscle spasms, and other problems.

4. Brown Widow Spider

Similar to black widows, they can also cause a lot of pain and make you sick.

5. Redback Spider

Another Australian spider, its bite can make you feel very weak and sick.

6. Six-eyed Sand Spider

Lives in deserts in Africa and South America. Its bite can cause big wounds and sometimes death.

7. Recluse Spiders

They can make your skin die where they bite you. It's rare, but it can be bad.

8. Mouse Spider

Found in Australia, its bite can hurt a lot and make you feel sick.

9. Funnel-web Spider

Also from Australia, its bite can be really dangerous and you need to get help fast if you're bitten.