9 of the Animals That Live Underground

By Manish

1. Moles 

Small animals that dig tunnels in the ground to find bugs. 

2. Earthworms 

Worms that live in the dirt and help keep it healthy. 

3. Gophers 

Rodents that dig tunnels in the ground and can be a problem for farmers. 

4. Ants 

Bugs that live together underground in big groups.

5. Badgers 

Animals that dig homes in the ground and come out at night. 

6. Prairie Dogs 

Small animals that live in groups underground and have lots of tunnels.

7. Mole Rats 

Rodents from Africa and Asia that live in big groups underground. 

8. Naked Mole Rats 

Strange rodents that live in big groups underground and don't have fur.

9. Groundhogs 

Animals that sleep all winter and dig tunnels to live in.