8 of the World's Deadliest Cats

By Manish

1. African Lion 

Big lions in Africa that hunt animals like buffaloes and giraffes.

2. Siberian Tiger

Huge tigers in Russia's forests. They eat deer and wild pigs.

3. Leopard 

Leopards live in Africa and Asia. They climb trees and sneak up on big animals.

4. Jaguar 

These are strong cats in Central and South America's rainforests. They eat caimans and deer.

5. Mountain Lion  

Also called cougars or pumas, they live all over the Americas.

6. Cheetah 

Very fast cats found in Africa and Iran. They catch fast animals like gazelles.

7. Snow Leopard

These live in Asia's snowy mountains. They hunt goats and other animals.

8. Caracal 

Cats found in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. They jump to catch birds and eat small animals like rodents.